Millets, popularly known as Bajra in India are one of the super foods. These are small seeded cereal grains easily available in the market. Though most of us prefer eating other cereals such as rice and wheat, but Millets or Bajra are not taking all over the food trend. But of late, people are prefering healthy food and hence have started including healthier options in their diet like quinoa. But here, I am going to share 15 amazing benefits of Millets (Bajra) that will surely make you forget other cereals.

Organic Millets 2017 Bajra_Diet

Including millets (Bajra) in your diet is a good idea?

15 Amazing Benefits of Millets (Bajra):

1. Improves Elasticity of Skin:

Millet contains amino acids that help to create collagen in the body, a substance which gives structure to the skins tissue. Thus, consumption of millet increases the collagen levels and improves skins elasticity and makes it less prone to wrinkles.

2. Fights Aging:

Millets contain antioxidants that fight stress and neutralize free radicals in the body. It maintains the health of the skin by rejuvenating skin cells. This helps reverse the signs of aging on the skin. Ubiquinone in millet is used in beauty products to reduce wrinkles on the face.

3. Prevents Sun Damage:

Vitamin C and vitamin E in millet protects the skin against sun damage and skin cancer. Sun damage makes the skin dull and lifeless. These nutrients boost growth of new cells to make the skin appear more radiant.

4. Youthful Skin:

Consuming millets protects and preserves cells which give the skin a more youthful look. It helps to renew the damaged cells and strengthens them by reducing stress.

5. Enhances Complexion:

Millet is rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E being a great vitamin for the skin, penetrates through the layers of the skin and helps the body’s natural healing process. It even forms a protective layer that serves to keep the free radicals away from wounds. The high amount of vitamin E in millets can also enhance complexion of the skin.

6. Hydrates Skin:

Millets are good for hydrating your skin. It helps to retain the moisture of the skin and thus prevent it from becoming too dull or dark or lifeless.

7. Antioxidants:

Bajra is a good source of antioxidants. The high amount of antioxidants present in millets fights free radicals present in the body, that slows down the aging process.

8. Minimizes Scars:

Scar tissue has a more rigid structure than the normal skin structure. Millets contain antioxidants like Allium that boosts the blood flow to scar tissue. It helps in the development of new skin, and thus reduces scars. It speeds up the repair system of the skin and prevents from damaging it further.

9. Reduces Acne:

Lipoic, an antioxidant found in millet, increases the cell metabolism and circulation. The anti-inflammatory property of millets increases blood circulation in the body to reduce acne and fine lines on the skin.

10. Moisturizing Agent:

Consuming millet helps to keep the natural moisture in the skin. It makes dull and dry skin look healthier and fresher. Thus, millet is a good moisturizing agent too.

11. Strengthens Hair Follicles:

Millets are rich in protein, that is highly recommended for people suffering from hair loss. Healthy hair requires protein, as most of the hair itself is made of protein. The protein found within hair cells is known as keratin, which is directly responsible for the composition of each strand of hair. Lack of protein can lead to severe hair loss. Thus, consumption of this wonderful super cereal strengthens hair, makes it stronger and reduces breakage.

12. Treats Scalp Issues:

Magnesium in millets reduces inflammation in the scalp to treat scalp conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dandruff. Millet is also beneficial for treating premature balding. Consuming millet will help in reducing the risk of ameliorating metabolic syndrome, a health condition which causes premature balding.

13. Stimulates Hair Growth:

Millets promote the circulation of blood in the scalp and thus stimulates hair growth.

14. Controls Hair Fall:

Stress increases cortisol hormone levels in the body, which causes massive hair shedding. Magnesium content present in millets reduces the cortisol level in the body and thus helps in controlling hair fall.

15. Prevents Greying of hair:

Premature greying of hair is caused mainly due to oxidation of the tissues. Bajra contains antioxidants that helps to prevent corrosion of tissues, thereby reducing the possibility of premature greying.

And if that’s not enough convincing, here’s the nutritional value of 1 cup of Millets shared by the Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of Karnataka:

Organic Millets 2017 Bajra_Diet

Amazing Benefits of Millets (Bajra)

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Organic Millets 2017 Bajra_Diet

Organics & Millets 2017, National Trade Fair

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