Organics and Millets 2018 – International Trade Fair

The ‘Organics and Millets 2018 International Trade Fair’ will host an international conference and an exposition. It will be a platform for domestic and international companies, farmer groups from different states and Central/State bodies in organic or millet promotion to connect with opportunities in agri-horticulture, processing, machinery, technology and marketing in global and domestic markets.


The Fair will be a valuable confluence for domestic and international organic and millet stakeholders to promote trade, share information and knowledge, establish or expand market linkages and connect with a wide producer base. An easy platform for B to F (Farmer), B to B, B to R (Retailer) and B to C connections. It will be a one stop opportunity for all organic or millet needs.


The world of organics and millets will converge

Nutrition. Sustainable Agriculture. Farmer Security. New Markets. Future Foods

Across nations, the quest is on for sustainable development ideas that compliment the creation of new opportunities. The quest is on to secure the interests of our farmers, our planet and yet meet the nutritional needs of a soaring global population. Need of the hour is for each one of us to consume sustainably. Future smart foods are the solution. Millets are one answer and organics the other.

In the State of Karnataka, our roots, our land and our climate drives the quest for smart foods. Our farmers have combined indigenous and innovative methods to pioneer the organic and millet agriculture movement. Millets and organics are good for the planet, the farmer and for our health. Our organic agriculture sector is gaining momentum with markets experiencing double digit growth year-on-year. Millets have emerged on the scene as the new nutri-cereals. Millets and organics are fast emerging as the Next Gen smart foods, being highly nutritious, farmer friendly and ecologically sound.

Celebrating Karnataka as the hub of Next Gen Smart foods, the Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka, under the guidance of the Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture, Shri Krishna Byre Gowda, is organising the ‘Organics & Millets 2018 International Trade Fair’. The Fair will address all aspects of the value chain, from farm to shelf, in organic and millet segments. It aims to create/enhance new markets and opportunities in organics and millets.

We invite Farmers, Food Industry Representatives, Buyers, Sellers, Distributors, Scientists and Activists from across the world to join the quest and explore opportunities in Organicsa nd Millets, the Next Gen Smart Foods.


The global quest for nutrition, farmer security and sustainable agriculture is fueling a revolution in organics and millets. Globally, over 43.7 million hectares, are being managed organically by 2 million producers across 172 countries.


An organic diet is the healthiest option for our organs. How our food is grown or raised has a major impact on our health as well as on the environment. The desire for health and environmental sustainability is leading increasingly towards organic foods.




Events during the fair


Over 300 booths of organic companies and brands will exhibit a diverse range of food and non-food organic products. Exhibitors include organic companies, exporters, organic retailers, farmer groups, organic inputs companies, Govt agencies, etc

National Conference

The conference aims to make a unique meeting place for all the organic stakeholders, policy makers, government and non government, where discussions, networking and interpersonal meetings will be the focus..

It will bring in leading domestic and international speakers from India and abroad. 200+ delegates comprising of participants from diverse sectors constituting of farmers, traders/exporters, researchers, NGOs, Central and State Governments.

Farmers’ Workshop

Experts on organic production and value-chains will address these sessions. Farmers from across India will be participating in large numbers, to get best benefit of this trade fair by understanding the Organic market trends, demands, organic certification process, export potentials, etc., and thus understand both the technical as well as the commercial aspect of the organic agribusiness.

Consumer Connect Program

This component will focus on creating awareness about organic food and its relevance to food safety, health and environment. Special activities like Cooking competition for home-makers, demonstration of various ways of cooking Millets- the forgotten foods, organic food courts, consultation on health by dieticians and nutritional experts for general public will be held on the second day.

Organic Food Court

Organic Food Court offers a variety of delicacies made with millets and other organic ingredients. This not only makes people understand the importance of producing organic food but also gives them an opportunity to taste healthy food in order to influence them to change their food habit and lifestyle.

Buyer Seller Meet (B2B)

It is an integral part of the Trade Fair wherein international and domestic buyers (including exporters, wholesalers and retailers) will be brought to meet with suppliers and farmer groups to negotiate trade and marketing.