Hall: Siridhanya

Theme: Nutricereals for Farmers Environmental and Consumers’ Nutritional Security

Overall Coordinator: Dr VA Tonapi, Director, IIMR, Hyderabad

Organising Secretary: Dr B Dayakar Rao, IIMR; Moderators: Dr. B Dayakar Rao & BV Bhatt, IIMR

Day 1 – 19th Jan 2018 – 14:00 – 17:00 hrs
Arrival of Participants & Registration – 10:00-14:00 hrs
Session I Smart Foods: ‘Good for you’, ‘Good for the Planet’ & ‘Good for the Farmers’ 15:45 – 17:00 hrs
Chairman Dr. T Mahapatra-DG, ICAR
Co-Chairman Dr. S Ayappan, Former DG, ICAR
Rapporteurs Dr. Bhaskarachary, DD, NIN
Dr. KN Ganapathy, Scientist, IIMR
15:45 – 16:15 Millets as Smart Foods- Good For you Dr. Hemalatha , Director, NIN
16:15 – 16:35 Millets as Smart Foods: Good for the Planet & its Climate Resilience Dr. Peter Carberry, DDG, ICRISAT
16:35 – 17:00 Millets as Smart Foods: Good for the Farmers’ Dr. Dayakar Rao B, PS, IIMR
Day 2 – 20th Jan 2018 – 10:20 – 16:00 hrs
Session II Current Status and Future Prospects of Millets Research and Relevance to Stakeholders in various Millet Growing Countries 10:00 – 11:30 hrs
Chairman Dr. RS Paroda-DG, ICAR
Co-Chairman Dr. SA Patil, Former Director, IARI
Rapporteurs Dr. Venkatesh Bhat, Principal Scientist, IIMR
Dr. Amasiddha, Scientist, IIMR
10:20-10:40 hrs Current Status and Future Prospects of Millets Research in India Dr. V A Tonapi, Director, IIMR
10:40-11:00 hrs Millets Scenario and Future Potential in USA Dr. Joseph Awika, Professor, Texas A&M, USA
11:00-11:20 hrs Millets Importance and Prospects in Africa Dr. Hakeem Ajeigbe, Principal Scientist, ICRISAT, Nigeria
11:20-11:30 hrs Q & A Session
11:30 – 11:45 Tea Break
Session III Role of Governments, Multilateral Agencies and the Private Sector in Millet Promotion, Speakers from India and abroad 11:45-13:30 hrs
Chairman Dr. SK Pattanaik, IAS-Secretary, DAC &FW, MoA, GoI
Co-Chairman Dr. Rakesh Srivastava, Secretary, WCD, GoI
Rapporteurs Dr. Venkatesh Bhat, Principal Scientist, IIMR
Dr. Avinash Singode, Scientist, IIMR
11:45 -11:55 hrs Emerging Policies on Millet Promotion in India Mr. B Rajender, Joint Secretary, NFSM, GOI
11:55-12:05 hrs Millets Promotion Policy in Karnataka Mr. Maheswara Rao, Principal Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka
12:05-12:15 hrs Millets Promotion Policy in AP Mr. B.Rajashekar, Special Chief Secretary to Government (FAC) (Marketing) (Agriculture), Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
12:15-12:25 hrs Policy on Millets in Odisha Sri Gagan Kumar Dhal, IAS, Addl. Secretary & APC, Govt. of Odisha
12:25-12:35 hrs Millet Village Initiative- A Beginning of Millets Promotion in Kerala Sri Teeka Ram Meena, IAS, Principal Secretary (Agri.), Govt. of Kerala
12:35-12:45 hrs Millet Promotion in Drylands of Telangana C Parthasarathi, Principal Secretary (Agrl), Govt. of Telangana
12:45-12:50 hrs Millets Promotion: A Perspective of Dhan Foundation Mr. Vasi Malai, Director, Dhan Foundation
12:50-12:55 hrs Strengthening of Farmers Mr. K Prasad, Sahaja India
12:55-13:05 hrs MSSRF initiatives in Kolli Hills on Millet Promotion Mrs. Jayashree, MSSRF
13:00-14:00 hrs Lunch
Session IV Global Value Chain Models on Farm to Market Linkages (Backward & Forward), including Export Promotion of Millets 14:00-15:00 hrs
Chairman Dr. David Bergvinson-Chairman
Co-Chairman Sri Siva Kumar, Divisional Chief Executive, Agri Business Division-ITC
Rapporteurs Dr. K.N. Ganapathy, Scientist, IIMR
Dr Oliver King, PS, MSSRF
14:00-14:20 hrs Millets value chain in USA- Gaps & Prospects Dr. Joseph Awika, Professor, Soil and Crop Science, Texas, A&M, USA
14:20-14:40 hrs Value Chain on Millets in Africa Dr. Hakeem Ajeigbe, Principal Scientist, ICRISAT, Nigeria
14:40-15:00 hrs Export Promotion of Millets Dr. Tarun Bajaj, DD, APEDA, New Delhi
Session V Food Processing as a Vehicle for Demand Creation-Current Technologies in Place and Gaps 1500 -1600 hrs
Chairman Dr. Vasudevappa-VC, NIFT
Co-Chairman Dr. Anand Ramakrishna-Director, IIFPT
Rapporteurs Dr. Asha Kawatra, COE on Pearl Millet, CCS HAU
Dr. Suresha, Scientist, CoE on Small Millets, UAS, Bengaluru
15:00-15:15 hrs Food Processing as a Vehicle for Demand Creation Dr. B. Dayakar Rao, IIMR
15:15-15:30 hrs Current Technologies in Place and Gaps (Primary Processing) Dr. Balasubramanayam, CIAE
15:30-15:45 hrs Current Technologies in Place and Gaps (Secondary Processing) Dr. N. G. Malleshi, Former Head, CFTRI
15:45-16:00 hrs Q&A
Day 3-21st Jan 2018: 10:00 – 11:30 hrs
Session VI R& D, Supply Chain, Business, Investment, Upscaling and Awareness: Millet Startups and Big Players Perspectives 10:00 – 11:30 hrs
Chairman Mr. Sanjay Malpani-CEO, Future Consumer Food Parks
Co-Chairman Mr Pradeep Dhobale, Director and Operating Partner, Springforth Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd.
Rapporteurs Mr. Steve Anderson, Green Mart
Mr. Prashant Kottaram, Soulfull
10:00-10:15 hrs R&D Requirements (pre-production and post -production issues)- Private Big player’s Perspective Mr. Sudhir Nema, Britannia Industries Ltd., Bengaluru
10:15-10:30 hrs ITC’s perspective: R & D Expectations for Millet Promotion Mr. Ganesh Sunderraman, ITC Foods Ltd., Bengaluru
10:30-10:35 hrs Awareness Issues required for Millets Promotion Mr. Prashant Kottarum, Soulfull Ltd, Hyd
10:35-10:40 hrs Farmers’ Perspective R&D Requirements & Export Linkages Mr. Raj Selam, Sresta Organics, Hyd
10:40-10:45 hrs Distribution Network Related Issues Terra Greens organics, Hyd
10:45-10:50 hrs Investment Potential of Millets Industry Mr. Sai Krishna P, Fountain Foods, Hyd
10:50-10:55 hrs Startup Requisites Mr. Sridhar I, GoBharathi, Hyd
10:55-11:00 hrs Promotional Campaigning and Networking Mr. C.S. Jadhav, Inner Being Wellness Ltd., Hyd
11:00-11:05 hrs Institutional Markets for Millets Mr. Philip Ratnam, Hope Blessings Ltd, New Delhi
11:05-11:10 hrs Millets Markets in Maharashtra Mr. Tatyasaheb Phadtare, Samruddhi Ltd, Pune
11:10-11:15 hrs Upscaling Challenges Phalada Representative, Bengaluru
11:15-11:20 hrs Tribal Perspectives of Millets Value Chain Mrs. Bhudevi P, CAVS, Vijaynagaram
11:20-11:25 hrs Business Potential and Futuristic Trends Mrs. Shouravi, SLURP, New Delhi
11:25-11:30 hrs Restaurant Industry Perspective Mrs. Hemamalini, Ahobilam Foods, Hyd

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